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Mice like to find warm places to create their nests, which means they are drawn to insulation in your attic and walls, as well as the clothing in drawers and closets. It’s important to eliminate and then maintain mice control in your home, since mice can chew on wires creating fire hazards and leave their urine and droppings around your house contaminating and ruining walls, floor boards, counters, and other structures in your home.

An inspection of your home by a professional pest control specialist is the first step in determining the treatment and prevention plan for your rodent problem. Generally it’s a two-part process with the first being ridding your home of the rodents living there and the second part being the ongoing prevention of new rodents from entering your home again.

Pro Pest Control Service has a tremendous amount of experience in ridding homes of mice infestation, as well as rodent proofing your home from future re-entry. Guaranteed.

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